About Us

The Parish Paper relies on information derived from case studies, on-site congregational
consulting, and sociological research. The goal is to assist clergy and lay leaders in their
efforts to equip and lead congregations toward greater effectiveness.

The Parish Paper began in 1971, pioneered by Dr. Lyle E. Schaller (1923 – 2015), often
called America’s foremost church consultant, and the author of more than fifty books on
church leadership. His coeditor, Rev. Herb Miller (1936 – 2018), authored seventeen
books on church leadership. His Parish Paper observations came from on-site
consultations in more than one thousand congregations across the United States.

The Parish Paper has had clergy, lay, and middle-judicatory subscribers in more than
twenty-eight denominations in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New
Zealand. The publication has never been connected with a single denomination or
publishing company or theological viewpoint. The greatest numbers of Parish Paper
readers are in seven denominations: Episcopal, United Church of Christ, Presbyterian,
United Methodist, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), American Baptist, and
Lutheran (ELCA). Additional Parish Paper readers come from twenty-one other

Rev. Dr. Dana Horrell serves in three ministry roles—parish minister, non-profit director,
and coeditor of The Parish Paper. He is pastor of Cooperstown United Methodist
Church, in Cooperstown, NY.  In addition, he is director of the Faithful Citizen
(www.faithfulcitizen.net), an organization that provides resources to congregations
seeking to improve their community engagement. Dana Horrell received the Ph.D. in
Practical Theology from the University of Chicago and has a Master of Arts in Public
Administration from Syracuse University. With two grants from the Louisville Institute,
he studied how congregations do social ministry, and later filmed and produced six
videos on best practices in ministry.

Dr. Cynthia Woolever is a researcher and author, who served for several years as
Professor of Sociology of Religious Organizations at Hartford Institute of Religion
Research, Hartford Seminary, Hartford, CT. She reports on and offers practical
suggestions from recently published research. Cynthia Woolever has authored four books
and dozens of academic articles. She was the lead researcher for the well-known U.S.
Congregational Life Survey, sponsored by Lilly Endowment, Inc.